I am grateful for the introduction i have had to Chi Nei Tsang through Khadro. The new way to see and understand the movement and activities of the body has opened my eyes to many new possibilities. As an acupuncturist i have been taught certain protocols that related to energy (qi). The insight i received from working with Chi Nei Tsang has developed and expanded on these into far greater heights than i would have expected. Where i had felt limited through acupuncture to certain constraints i now see that the limitations where self imposed. By working with Chi Nei Tsang i can now appreciate that there really are no limits. The deeper we go the more we see... and we are really just starting. I hope to continue my studies with a new and more profound respect and awareness for the wonder of, basically, everything. Thanks go out to Khadro for her interest in sharing her knowledge with a giving and wise heart. 

Mike Koruntoff