How we integrate in our dream-time

From time to time I post information that I feel is valuable for my students and visitors to the site to glean some value in their learning.  Here is an example of how we integrate in our dream-time, information that we learn during our wake time.  

We use metaphors that are general in order to help digest pieces of ourselves that are otherwise challenging.  Metaphors neutralize the issue in order for us to digest them and slowly integrate these otherwise “gross” bits of ourselves.  This I believe is an important dream that has a valuable lesson for all of us to learn something from I trust that this will help you with your own processes as you make your own discovery through this amazing process – we call LIFE.

Good morning Khadro,
How are you? How was the ride home?
First of all I would like to thank you so much for this weekend .It was amazing, it was perfect for this stage of my life and I'm really thankful for that. I really appreciate you thanking the time to teach and share this wisdom.


I had a dream were I was in a farm where this person who brought this dead women alive( the way he brought her back from the dead was really gross rotten water then add rotten body parts really gross),I can't remember the details on how everything she became alive and then that same zombie was chasing me trying to attack me I try to fight it but couldn't and I ran away from that place. That zombie kill one of me friends  from school. Then later on I was in a house and we couldn't go out because I knew that the zombie would come and try to attack people. So said so happen, but we manage to kill the zombie which was in a different from then what it was. After I remember you being there and walking to a church and sitting down beside a saint and start to pray and the uncle of that girl who was killed was asking for her and I didn't told him what happen. And then I woke up frighten. I had the feeling that I had this dream before.  What message does it bring or it could be a pass life experience. Can I have your insight on this dream?


Thank you once again,




Dear H:


It is indeed a pleasure to hear from you.  The drive back to Toronto was easy and I assume yours was too.


Again, it was indeed my privilege and pleasure to have you as a student and I so appreciate your calm, sweet and gentle energies at the retreat.


In dreams I believe that every part of the dream is really a part of ourselves. You said


'I had a dream were I was in a farm where this person who brought this dead women alive( the way he brought her back from the dead was really gross rotten water then add rotten body parts really gross'


I am quite intrigued because our work together has been one of integrating parts of ourselves that we have disowned.  We disown and disassociate from parts of ourselves that we don't like - could be it that you are shown in your dream the integration work you did with me during the time when you were the demo for me.  The lower belly.  Your Yin Water self?  I believe this a  powerful message since you say that perhaps you have had this dream before.


"Zombie" is a numbed out being who has no feelings - it does not feel good and it does not feel bad - so the part that you disassociated from is numbed out and your own metaphor for it is a "zombie" as you have seen it in your dream.  


Killing the zombie is an interesting metaphor as it says that you again disown this piece and then you have to hide the fact from the uncle - who is the uncle in your dream? (an authority figure) this person would make you feel shame so you hide your true feelings and knowing.  When we grow up we keep feeling shame and then our internal "uncle" does that for us.


The church is your own divine dwelling where you can feel safe and allow yourself to feel things and own them and it is there that you find "helpers" for instance me or the saint - you have your own saints and helpers in the form of resources in your own divine dwelling and not in an outside church.  Sometimes in order for us to feel safe and to own our own feelings we project them outside of ourselves and then we see them as metaphors or archetypes.


I am not surprised that you have had a variation of this dream before - because it has to do with your LIFE.  I feel confident that you are well on your way to healing this wound.  Keep being curious about it and keep looking inward.


The images are current and it could be that you have some past lives issues with your feminine self (archetypically speaking).


I appreciate your honesty and your trust and I connect with you very strongly.  I believe you are a person of integrity, I am very honoured to be your teacher.






Khadro Chi Nei Tsang


The Way of Compassion & Peace