Khadro School Of Chi Nei Tsang August 2009 Retreats

The Ox came in fast and furious, though it is supposed to be an animal of deliberate and slow movement.  Yes! The Ox is an Earth animal and so I believe our own Individual EARTH is being challenged.   Our Secure Base which gives us a sense of belonging and our sense of Identity have h challenged, in a way it is forcing us to repair and make our EARTH more secure.

So the OX is affecting me in a very intense way in my HOME front, it has provided me the opportunity to create richer, happier and more harmonious relationship with my family members while at the same time it has enabled me to cut off energy draining and negative ones. 

For six months we as a family have mourned and grieved the loss of my sister’s husband to cancer.  Slowly we see that my sister Lin and her daughter Meaghan are forming their own secure base with each other and also including the rest of the extended family, this I believe is the OX energy of plowing through the field and making it fertile again.   Making our FAMILY EARTH fertile again to grow healthy relationships in.

I hear from some of you and I know you too have been challenged in your own primary relationship and issues of ‘SELVES” including health etc.

I believe that we need to take time to REJOICE AND CELEBRATE life as a continuum of GROWTH and that growth happens in ways that are unpredictable and the most uplifting experience is that we are not bereft of personal, spiritual, familial, friends, energetic or psychic resources, they are magically available.

I rejoice and celebrate with you as my friends, family, mentors, teachers, students and clients and for being the secure base for me and allowing me to molt and transform yet again into more potential and possibilities.   THANK YOU ALL!

Now, I am out of the chrysalis and celebrating the coming of Summer, I would like to invite you all to join me in two retreats at the New Life Retreat Centers in Lanark.  The details are as follows:

August 13-17/2009 – Khadro Chi Nei Tsang Foundation Class

August 17-21/2009 – Level 2 - Global Body Attitude

These retreats are a great way to take time out for ourselves to refresh, renew, rejuvenate, recreate and awaken our spirit and also at the same time to learn and improve skills that we already own.   It is here that we meet and connect and reconnect with friends and spiritual family.

The retreats are intense and because we learn so much that the days pass quickly.  We normally start at 7:30am and finish around 10:00pm.  As well we are well nourished with healthy and satisfying and tasty foods.

Please plan to join me and other Khadro Chi Nei Tsang friends at the New Life Retreat Center. 

I look forward to seeing you all at the New Life Retreat Center.