Physical, intuitive, subtle, and real.

I have attended two Chi Nei Tsang foundation courses, and during these times have practiced Chi Nei Tsang on fellow students.  I have also offered Chi Nei Tsang to my wife.

From having recieved treatments from Khadro my expecatations of what a practitioner can do were high, and I doubted I could do what I have felt her do.  However, now I feel that with what I have learned now, with practice, I can really help others.

Without getting into all the technique, the essence to me at this point in my understanding is to note within the recipients body areas of tension, tension or stiffness within the organs and facia of the abdomen, and then to draw the recipients attention to these areas with their breath "breath here". 

I became surprised also to disover that I could intend my own chi to melt or flow into the area of tension and this seems to help the recipient get in touch with what they need to process.  I have had no idea of what the recipient experiences, usually there is little talking, but based on changes to breathing patters, physcial movement, and sometimes crying, it seems something significant is happening.

I know that whatever ability I have in the moment of offering a treatment, especially the more subtle and effective things that have happened, it has come from the mind of compassion, knowing that they are no different from me in wanting not to suffer.