Position of Neutrality

I am posting this conversation with a student who wrote me an email, the name of the individual is of course changed to protect his/her identity.

For individuals who maybe interested to learn more about healing vs curing I am attaching an artcile 'Healing vs. Curing' that I have written on this subject.

Hi Khadro

I want to thank you again for your help yesterday Working with you I have come to have courage to embrace and stay with the deepest unpleasant feelings.

What we did yesterday seems quite significant somehow, although I couldn't say why exactly. I hope your arm is fine!


Dear Bob:

You are more than welcomed, it was something intensely heavy, prickly and it seems to have a weird odor and when it came out through my right arm it made me shudder. That's all I can say, whatever it was you are rid of it now. It was significant and yes you need to embrace all parts of yourself and know that you are all things, all the beautiful, good stuff and all the other and depending on where your energy and intent is it manifests that way.

Knowing this makes it easier for you to be your best self, without judgement, loving, cherishing and caring for yourself as you would others.

My arm is completely fine and I am too.

Bless you and Peace