I have received several Chi Nei Tsang treatments from Khadro, and a few from students during courses.

The treatments I have received from Khadro have been some of the most profound experience of my life, although with one exception these have not been profoundly pleasant.  I have come to expect a treatment to involve getting in touch with feelings I have placed aside - feelings I have not had the courage or time to accept and come to peace with.  Fortunately for me, within each of the sessions I have felt my courage grow, and once, a sense of trust the like of which I have never experience before or since.

Despite the difficult experience a session has come to represent for me, I have a confidence and trust that whatever is within me that needs attention, I am capable to experience it right then, so I hesitate less now permitting myself to feel fear, dispair, anger, as well as wholeness and bliss.   I compare some of these experiences like my body being a musical instrument in the hands of a master, but rather than sound, what issues forth is emotion.  I belive that some of these sessions are equivalent to months or years of spiritual purification practice in retreat.

I have come to understand that many of these emotional experiences are manifestations of the foundation energetic elements within me, for example when my courage grows it is good metal element risng and when I feel trust and safety it is good earth rising.