There are many teachers amongst us, but few guides. On our paths towards human excellence, teachers impart information and are ahead of us but by a few steps.  Guides on the other hand have traversed distances and negotiated impasses few have in their lifetime.  Guides direct us by way of illumination, as indigenous dwellers in Spirit.  Understanding the course of the path, its nuances, dangers, and inhabitants, they nurture our inner wisdom and trust as one who has travelled and returned.  A teacher is one I want to learn from, a guide is one I want to be like, they teach us how to be better people.  Khadro, as a guide, demonstrates unwavering integrity, strength, humility and compassion.  Her profound understanding of biodynamic energetics and her powerful ability to cultivate and direct energy secure her mastery as a healer as well.

The experience of receiving her unique version of Chi Nei Tsang is difficult to explain.  I liken it to what could be called sensual psychotherapy.  It provided me, through sensate experience, recognition of past trauma, an awareness into parts of my body which I had cut off from my consciousness.  With that awareness, emerging out of the dynamics of my own breath and her Qi (energy), my body was given the space and support to process that embedded trauma.  This is somewhat of a frightening experience (to the mind anyways) as our bodies, via remarkable defense mechanisms, have adapted to the pains we have endured and have grown comfortable ignoring those scars.  To disturb that apparent peace means revealing unpleasant stories, shifting us into a different state of being.  Though it is really a former state of Being, one of original wholeness and peace.  Khadro travels through these energetic landscapes with intuitive gentleness, first and foremost establishing trust and a sense of safety.

Apart from its healing power, I feel very strongly that a committed course of Khadro Chi Nei Tsang treatment can also act as a vessel for spiritual development.  Becoming aware of our suffering, on every level or our beings, is of fundamental importance to our enlightenment.  And as physical entities, this awareness is necessary in order to maintain holistic wellbeing and longevity. 

My practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been immensely enriched by the incorporation of Khadro Chi Nei Tsang, and I'm very excited to continue to deepening my practice with Khadro's guidance.