Healing Love

Event Date: 
Thu, 2020-04-30 10:00 - 17:00


Khadro School of Chi Nei Tsang
65 Coe Hill Dr.
Toronto, ON M6S 3E2
Phone: 1-416-604-8859

We are cancelling all classes and individual sessions with Khadro until the end of April, please come back here from time to time and check for updates. 

For more details and to register please contact:

Khadro (Dorothy Ramien)
Course fee: $389 
Please make your cheque payable to Dorothy Ramien along with your completed registration form and mail them to:
65 Coe Hill Dr.,
The registration form is available online here.


The above practices open the door for us and are a prerequisite to safely learn and use the Healing Love Practice. Here we learn to cultivate the Energy from the lower Center (Sexual Center) and to raise it to the higher center (Spiritual Center). The Healing Love practice will enable us to harness our most potent and powerful energy, our Sexual Energy. This energy normally lies dormant because we don’t realize it exists or we are too scared to explore it. In this practice you will learn to open it gradually and with safety and then to harness it, allowing us to have the energy to live our life’s potential to the fullest.