Who is Khadro?

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Dorothy Ramien (Thubten Khadro) comes from a long tradition of healers. Her grandfather was a Tibetan Lama of the Gelupa tradition; her great-aunt was a Dakini (healer). As Dorothy's work has evolved, she has come to understand the responsibility that comes with this wonderful gift and to recognize the great privilege and honor her lineage entails.

Dorothy has taken her Tibetan name, Thubten Khadro, in respect for this lineage and to honor the tradition of Tibetan healers. Her school bears the name Khadro School of Chi Nei Tsang in honor of the Tibetan goddesses called kha'dros, who travel in space between heaven and earth, from the air to the waters, to bring us healing. As the Taoist teachings say, we humans live between Heaven and Earth, our existence here made possible by the dynamic flowing, interchange, and preservation of the Five Elements.

In her own work and teachings, Khadro has synthesized two great healing traditions: Taoist Chinese Medicine and the Tibetan Healing Arts.

As in many great healing traditions, the healer (shaman) serves as a vessel or conduit for the transmission of certain information and energy. Dorothy came to this role quite serendipitously through a healing crisis of her own. In response to a case of endometriosis, traditional allopathic medicine offered surgery and hormone replacement therapy; these were unacceptable to her. Through Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang, she has completely recovered from this condition, which went into remission in the late 1980s.

Dorothy Ramien (Khadro) has been a Senior Student of Master Chia for the past 15 years and is certified as a Senior Instructor of Chi Nei Tsang and Universal Tao, previously known as Healing Tao. She is an international lecturer and teacher who has taught Chi Nei Tsang at the Tao Garden for Master Chia and has taught in Canada, California, Italy, and Australia. Khadro is the Director of the Khadro School of Chi Nei Tsang. She is married and lives in Canada with her husband and three beautiful grown daughters.

For further information about individual treatment, seminars, and classes, please contact Khadro at [email protected] or phone her at 1-416-604-8859.