Foundation Khadro Chi Nei Tsang

Event Date: 
Ven, 2013-08-16 09:00 - Mar, 2013-08-20 17:00


Khadro School of Chi Nei Tsang Toronto, ON M6S 3E2
Phone: 1-416-604-8859

KHADRO CHI NEI TSANG Is The Art of Applying Chi Kung (Energy Work) for the purpose of transforming suppressed traumas and outdated energy patterns stored in our internal organs. Khadro Chi Nei Tsang helps individuals to uncover these hidden messages that influence and even control us without our conscious knowing. The principles and paradigm of this work is based on thousands of years of Traditional Oriental Medicine based on Taoist Teachings.

The tuition for the Foundation Khadro Chi Nei Tsang is $1495. If you register for both the Khadro Foundation and the Global Body Attitude you will receive $100. discount.


Khadro: [email protected]. Ph. 416-604-8859


No Pre-requisites are needed for this Introductory Course.

Khadro Chi Nei Tsang uses gentle touch to the abdomen to encourage and enhance motility and movements of the Internal Organs. A smoother and harmonious flowing of Chi supports physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing. Thus it imbues individuals with a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment of a richer and more meaningful life.

Khadro Chi Nei Tsang as a therapeutic modality can stand by itself or be easily integrated with other practices by health practitioners.

Khadro Chi Nei Tsang may also be learned and practiced by individuals wishing to develop their potential and live a more harmonious life through these internal Chi Kung practices and meditations.

What You Will Take Away with you from this Seminar:

The confidence to do a session on your clients or yourself, as you will learn the following:

  • The Principle of Rooting and Grounding (Earth Chi Kung), Inner Smile, Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Meditation, Five Element Resource Building, Buddha Palms Self-Healing Chi Kung, Cultivating Your Water Resource through Bone Breathing.

  • A Complete Detoxifying Sequence for the body

  • Information to move gallstones and kidney stones and their relationship to parasites (Hulda Clark)

  • How to improve digestion and assimilation and alleviate constipation.

  • How to encourage the pancreas to function better so that issues relating to sugar imbalances can be addressed.

  • How to deal with endometriosis, fibroids and menstrual cramps

  • How to deal with irritable bowels or other abdominal pains.