Fusion of the Five Elements

Event Date: 
Sab, 2018-03-24 10:00 - Dom, 2018-03-25 17:00


Toronto, ON


The Fusion meditation enables us to manage the generation and flow of emotional, mental and physical energies within our body. The practice teaches us how to locate and dissolve the negative energies hidden inside our body.

The Taoist Five Element Theory, helps us to connect to the five outer senses eyes, tongue, mouth, nose, ears - and the Five major emotions - anger, hate, worry, sadness, and fear. Once the negative emotion is identified with the organ it is stored in, it can be managed and transformed using the Fusion meditation.

Negative emotions are neither suppressed nor expressed instead they are fodder for increasing our energy levels. So  negative energy is brought to specific points in the body where it is easily neutralized, purified, and then transformed back into our original creative energy.

The great secret of crystallizing and storing our original transformed energy in a mysterious pearl is revealed for the first time in the Fusion alchemical formula. This pearl is the essence of our life force energy, or Chi. It is central to nourishing the physical body, and later to nourishing the soul, or energy body. In more advanced Fusion practice, our soul/energy body becomes very manageable and its power can be balanced, strengthened and expanded to connect with the essence of the Earth and Star energies.

The Fusion of 'the Five Elements practice is the essential first step toward complete emotional and spiritual development. 

Fusion of the Five Elements I
The student learns to transform negative emotions into positive energy. In this practice of internal alchemy, the student learns to transform the negative emotions of worry, sadness, cruelty, anger, and fear into pure, positive energy. This process is accomplished by identifying the source of the negative emotions within the five organs of the body. Once the excessive energy of the emotions is filtered out of the organs, a state of psycho-physical balance is restored. Freed of negative emotions, the pure energy of the five organs is crystallized into a radiant pearl or crystal ball. The pearl is circulated in the body and attracts to itself energy from external sources - universal energy, cosmic particle energy, and earth energy. The pearl plays a central role in the development and nourishment of the soul or energy body. The energy body is then nourished with the pure (virtue) energy of the five organs.

Fusion of the Five Elements is the beginning of Inner Alchemy, utilizing our felt sense to manage the energies of our inner universe so that we may connect to the tremendous energy of the universe beyond the body. We may use this energy for self healing, day-to-day living and for attaining spiritual goals.

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