Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds & Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Event Date: 
Giov, 2014-11-06 10:00 - Ven, 2014-11-07 17:00


Khadro School of Chi Nei Tsang Toronto, ON
Phone: 1-416-604-8859

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This is a tool that the Taoists developed thousands of years ago, and it is often referred to as “inner work” or “Inner Alchemy”. The monks discovered that, when they are able to turn their awareness inward and smile to themselves by recalling an event that made them feel very relaxed this triggered in them a feeling of aliveness and wholeness. They realized that this act of smiling to themselves actually changed how they were

feeling, it made them feel alive and whole, and whatever negative feelings, body sensations or emotions they had been experiencing somehow went away. While back at the time of the Taoist Monks this was a secret practice and taught only to a select few, this information is now available to everyone. Recent studies in Neurobiology have proven the value of this work. Come and find out how! The Inner Smile a prelude to every higher level of Taoist Practices because it brings calmness, relaxation, centeredness, inspiration and motivation for our life’s journey (Tao). The calligraphy below shows an individual on his path. Once we are on our path, this energizes our nervous system helping us to realize our potential; i.e. our life’s work. Our passion is the fire that holds our vision steady in all the twists and turns of the journey that we call  LIFE.


There are six healing sounds of which five relate to the 5 internal organ systems. This is in accordance with the Five Elements Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The 6th sound modulates the Triple Heater, which directly affects our endocrine system. The practices that we will be learning will help us harness our own internal resources that actually match or possibly exceed our external resources. We will learn to develop and gather these to our heart, mind and body resulting into a sense of well-being, where we will feel held, touched, loved and cherished. We will learn why our guts react the way they do and how to calm the causes for this reaction. Applying this knowledge will help us find space within ourselves to navigate through the challenging passages in your lives.


This is a practice where we will learn to connect two meridians (according to TCM ), namely the Du and the Ran, by creating a loop or a pathway for the energy to travel on. As will be explained in detail in the course, this loop becomes a refining track with many station points along the way. Having learned this practice we prepare our route to later safely run our sexual energy during the next higher level Taoist practice,  The Healing Love. When we run the Microcosmic Orbit, we open this pathway and clear it, and at the same time we learn to clean the energy of each of our organ systems. Thus the Microcosmic Orbit allows us to” unstick” and unclog stagnant energy in the different organs and in our glandular systems. If you previously heard of the meridian system, you will now learn to sense it in your own body in this practice and put it to use.