Level II (Intermediate Level) - Symptoms With a Universal Message

Event Date: 
Mer, 2011-08-17 07:45 - Dom, 2011-08-21 17:30


Khadro's Place Toronto, ON

Level II (Intermediate Level) - Symptoms With a Universal Message - Global Body Attitude (details here)

Global Body Attitude August 17-21/2011  -  Tuition with Room and Board. $1300 with $50.00 Early Registration Discount.

Over the past years, one of my challenges to teach these often life transforming classes, has been in  finding locations that provide a safe/supportive and healing environment to allow for the often amazing life transformation of individual students to take place.   I noticed over the years that when we engage in energy work we burn off a lot of energy and we all consumed a lot of food and so of almost equal importance is the availability of the qualify and type of food, instrumental in helping us feel grounded and rooted as this suports our Earth Element, our Earth is everything about our own selves.  From this secure base we feel able to to push forward to allow the emergence of our transformed selves. To this effect, I feel that Khadro’s place at 65 Coe Hill Drive in Toronto, where these sessions will take place, provides this combination of conditions very well.  While it is in the city it is set beautifully adjacent to a treed  ravine with a large pond  and a large deck (suitable for many of our activities), overlooking these green and watery wetlands.  This provides for a beautiful backdrop to our activities with Nature supporting us to achieve our personal progress in making these course materials our own and applying them.   Altough these classes are offered in Toronto they are still residential. I feel that for us to integrate this information we need the secure base which the space provides and also our fellow atendees who form part of this loop

Together with the efforts of our awesome chefs and cooks to provide you with the most abundant gorgeous and appropriate nourishment, you will physically be able to make the most of your potential to apply the learning gained during these courses.  As happens often in our events, accomodations will be shared,  as you can imagine this helps to reduce your cost and a small number will have to sleep on mats in the training room, earning a $50 fee reduction for doing so.  The tuition in the past years has been $1385 with meals and accomodation, this year I am setting the fee with meals and accommodation at $1300.00. There is also an early registration discount of  $50.00.  So those choosing to sleep on mats in the teaching room will pay $1200 in total and others will pay $1250. The seminars will be limited to 10 persons and as many of you have indicated an interest, I urge you to register now with a deposit of $450.00.

Download the Registration Form

Please send your deposits and initial  registrations either by mail:

Dorothy Ramien
65 Coe Hill Dr.  Toronto ON,  M6S 3E2

[email protected] and using an email money transfer through your bank made payable to Dorothy Ramien. I look forward to seeing you all in August.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions, telephone: 1-416-604-8859, email: [email protected]

Please circulate to friends and family whom you feel would benefit from the work.  THANKS!