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Chi Nei Tsang Treatments

We are cancelling all classes and individual sessions with Khadro until the end of April, please come back here from time to time and check for updates. 

Clients can regain health, well-being, and spiritual awareness through the process of Khadro Chi Nei Tsang. Its purifying effects create inner space that enables the harnessing of hidden potentialities and helps us live fulfilled and enriched lives. Since Chi Nei Tsang works directly on the energy of the internal organ systems, it helps to detoxify and tone them; physically, it brings better motility and mobility of the internal organs and structure of the physical body. Read about peoples experiences here.

How does Chi Nei Tsang work?
The work of Chi Nei Tsang involves the abdomen. The practitioner of Khadro Chi Nei Tsang cultivates his or her own energy (chi or prana) by his or her individual practice of Chi Kung, meditation, and right living. The practitioner is thus able to carry energy and information and transmit it to the client during treatment sessions.

A single treatment will typically last about an hour. Although the treatment involves working on the abdomen to reach deep into the viscera, the touch is extremely gentle and soft. The practitioner guides the energy from his or her hands into the affected areas to release deep-seated tension, stagnancy, and congestion of energy. Such obstacles to the movement of energy are usually related to a specific organ system - the Liver, or Wood Element.

The Liver (Wood Element)
The liver has more than 500 known functions, but those that most concern us here are the functions of digestion and storage. Congestion of liver or wood energy indicates that we are storing significant physical and emotional/energetic toxins. Since the Wood Element is also connected with our nervous system, anger, frustration, poor digestion, headache, and bloating, this can lead to unclear thinking. When this stagnant or congested energy is released, the client usually feels a sense of inner release and expansion.

In Tibetan Shamanic terms, this expansive feeling of release indicates the retrieval of the Elemental Essence of Soul. The soul needs all the elemental aspects of the self in order to feel whole. Congestion and stagnation of the elemental aspect means that the Elemental Essence is not owned by the self - thus, that elemental part is lost. Through the process of Chi Nei Tsang, the soul is made whole by retrieving the missing soul part in the form of the Elemental Essence.

Who will benefit from treatment?
Through the process of Khadro Chi Nei Tsang, the client feels more integrated and whole. By recovering the lost Elemental Essence, the client is able to tap into potentials that previously were hidden. The client may feel that his or her life and energy are now flowing smoothly; his or her physical symptoms are either a thing of the past or are only occasional and are no longer upsetting.

Anyone who desires a more harmonious flowing of life energy, bringing with it greater health and well-being - manifested as joy, love, spontaneity, creativity, clarity of mind, and a more fulfilling and enriching life - can benefit from Khadro Chi Nei Tsang.

How long does the treatment take?
The first session may be a little longer than an hour, as the practitioner gets to know what the client needs to feel supported as he or she embarks on this healing journey. Thereafter, treatments are about one hour long.

Depending on the specific needs of the individual client, the recommended number of treatments may be between five and ten.