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The Khadro Education Program

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The Khadro Chi Nei Tsang program is taught progressively to interested professional health practitioners and to students from all of walks of life. The program begins with Practitioner Level I. Upon successful completion of this level, students may enter the next level.

The three practitioner levels (plus assistant teacher and teacher trainings) are:

Level I (Beginner) - The Foundation Level of Chi Nei Tsang (260 hours)
Level II (Intermediate) - Symptoms with a Universal Message (260 hours - 520 cumulative)
Level III (Senior) - Processing Emotions with Chi Nei Tsang (250 hours - 770 cumulative)
Assistant Teacher & Teacher

Upon completion of these three levels, students who aspire to teach may apply to become an assistant teacher. After being trained and monitored for an appropriate period, they graduate to the status of teacher.

Level I - The Foundation Level of Chi Nei Tsang
At this level, students learn to recognize, differentiate, and manipulate the different internal organs and to understand their function. Upon completion of this level, students will be proficient in the techniques required to perform a complete treatment to cleanse, detoxify, and revitalize the large and small intestines, respiratory system, liver, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system, pancreas, stomach, internal system of mesentery, peritoneum, omentum, and suspensory ligaments. Benefits derived for clients from this level of treatment include better digestion, relief of abdominal pain, regulation of elimination, relief from chronic headaches, and improvement in rest and sleep patterns.

Students will learn the Theory of Taoist Cosmology; the Laws governing Ying and Yang and the Eight Principles; the Law of Five Elements; and the difference between healing and curing.

Students will also learn the principles of Chi Kung, Bone Breathing, Taoist Meditation (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, Bone Packing, and Buddha Palms). These meditations and Chi Kung are required to help carry and generate the energy during treatments.

Upon completion of the above requirements, a student becomes a certified practitioner and is awarded a Level I Practitioner Certificate, which qualifies the individual to provide treatment at this level to clients.

Required hours to complete the Level I Practitioner course:

1. Participate in two Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang 50-hour seminars: 100 hours
2. Chi Nei Tsang Anatomy Weekend: 15 hours
3. Complete and document 100 case studies: 100 hours
4. Receive 8-10 Chi Nei Tsang treatments from a certified practitioner: 8-10 hours
5. Attend Sexual Chi Kung practice workshop: 15 hours
6. Participate in supervised practice classes: 10-15 hours

Total required for Level I: 260 hours

Level II (Intermediate Level) - Symptoms With a Universal Message
At this level, students learn to see and work with the internal patterns of tension and to identify these patterns in themselves and in their clients. These patterns of tension normally manifest in the body as misalignments of the external structure - neck, spine, hips, ankles, and so on. Students will become proficient with breath and breathing patterns and become aware of the flow of the acupuncture meridian system and the movement of chi, blood, and fluids. Students will learn to experience and use breath as the "motor" that enables and regulates metabolic functions, as well as determining the structure and movement of the body. Benefits derived for clients from this level oftreatment include expansion of breathing capacity, reduction in the level of chronic pain and structural problems, and better preparation for and recovery from surgical interventions.

Students will become skilled in spontaneously using Space and Boundary Chi Kung to balance their inner and outer physical, mental, and emotional space. This will help them to render negative influences harmless and enhance positive aspects conducive to resolving issues for themselves and their clients.

Upon completion of the above requirements, a practitioner becomes a certified Level II Practitioner and is awarded a Level II Practitioner Certificate. This certificate qualifies the student to provide more complete Level II treatments.

Required hours to complete the Level II Practitioner course:

1. Carry forward 260 hours from Fundamentals: 260 hours
2. Attend two 50-hour Global Body Attitude seminars (structural): 100 hours
3. Complete and document 100 case studies (in addition to Level I case studies): 100 hours
4. Receive 8-10 treatments from a certified Level II practitioner: 8-10 hours
5. Practice classes supervised by a certified Level II or Level III practitioner: 10-15 hours
6. Attend workshop on Fusion of the Five Elements: 15 hours
7. Participate in Iron Shirt Chi Kung workshop: 15 hours

Total required for Level II: 520 hours

Level III - Processing Emotions with Chi Nei Tsang
Students at this level learn to help their clients release deep-seated emotional charges safely. They will learn to see the relationship between the Five Elements and Emotions and be able to apply the Taoist concept for the Psychology of Healing, and will gain an understanding of how the Five Elements and the Psychology of Healing are interconnected. This understanding will enable them readily to discern patterns and sites where clients' emotional charges are held, and to map those patterns and sites. With this expertise, they will be able to guide their clients to release these emotional charges safely and confidently.

Students will further learn the different kinds of touch ("peace" and "power") that elicit different healing responses. This allows them to connect with clients in meaningful ways to facilitate the feeling of safety while going through the emotional release process. This level of mastery and integration of Chi Kung meditation and the Fusion of the Five Elements meditation lets the students stay grounded while helping clients go through the often fearsome process of discharging their negative emotions and energy - an essential prerequisite for a successful treatment.

Upon completion of the above requirements, a practitioner is awarded a Level III Practitioner Certificate. This certificate entitles them to provide treatments at the most advanced level.

Required hours to complete the Level III Practitioner course:

1. Carry forward 520 hours from previous two levels: 520 hours
2. Attend two 50-hour Emotional Processing seminars: 100 hours
3. Receive 20 treatments from a certified Level III practitioner: 20 hours
4. Participate in practitioner's practice classes (teacher-supervised): 40 hours
5. Apprenticeship with certified teacher: 70 hours
6. Attend Fusion of the Five Elements II meditation class: 20 hours

Total required for Level III: 770 hours

Assistant Teacher & Teacher
Students who have completed all of the above levels and wish to become a teacher at the Fundamentals level must demonstrate mastery of all the required materials presented in each of the levels. They also must maintain successfully a practice where they provide regular Chi Nei Tsang treatments, as well as being able to explain clearly to their clients what Chi Nei Tsang is and how it can enhance their life and health level.

Before the student can become a Level I teacher, he or she must act for a certain period as an assistant teacher (AT) under the supervision of a senior teacher (ST).

Assistant teachers may be asked to assist in organizing, promoting, and teaching a seminar. They may be called upon to represent the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in a public setting (such as health fairs or lectures) to disseminate information on Chi Nei Tsang.

Assistant teachers are required to assist in six seminars given by a senior teacher (two Fundamentals of Chi Nei Tsang, two Global Body Attitude, and two Emotional Processing) and must attend one review each of Sexual Chi Kung, Iron Shirt, and Fusion of the Five Elements.

Before going totally on their own as Level I teachers of Chi Nei Tsang, they must plan, organize, and promote a Chi Nei Tsang Seminar, which Khadro will audit.