What is Meditation?

I know I have not posted on my blog for a long long time and I will attempt to be more conscious from now on!  What follows is an interview by a questionnaire for a young woman who is writing her graduation thesis.  These questions provided me with a great platform to write my answers and I liked how they flowed and thought to share it on my website with all who might be thinking along the same line.  Enjoy!  Much blessings and love!



How we integrate in our dream-time

From time to time I post information that I feel is valuable for my students and visitors to the site to glean some value in their learning.  Here is an example of how we integrate in our dream-time, information that we learn during our wake time.  

Khadro School Of Chi Nei Tsang August 2009 Retreats

The Ox came in fast and furious, though it is supposed to be an animal of deliberate and slow movement.  Yes! The Ox is an Earth animal and so I believe our own Individual EARTH is being challenged.   Our Secure Base which gives us a sense of belonging and our sense of Identity have h challenged, in a way it is forcing us to repair and make our EARTH more secure.

Abundance in 2008

Dear Friends:

Wishing you all abundance of Joy, Laughter, Health and Prosperity in 2008.

As well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your persistent and consistent support of Khadro Chi Nei Tsang through all of her transformative stages.

I have a few questions about a client of mine

Khadro, I have a few questions about a client of mine:

I have a 35 year old female patient who presents with shallow breathing and a 20 year history of anxiety and panic attacks for which she has never (consciously) known why. She spent years holding this in, avoiding situations and not telling anyone about it. There is a family history of the same in her mum and two sisters.

She has a lot of holding patterns in her hips and abdomen and breathing seems forced and awkward when you ask her to increase it.

Position of Neutrality

I am posting this conversation with a student who wrote me an email, the name of the individual is of course changed to protect his/her identity.

For individuals who maybe interested to learn more about healing vs curing I am attaching an artcile 'Healing vs. Curing' that I have written on this subject.

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